News: On-Site Mobile Cell Boosters

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Now Available for our Integrator Partners for rent/lease/sale

"On - Site Mobile Cell Boosters”

that include:

  • Full CSA ATC106 Self – guy tower with High Capacity Load Rated Guy Lines
  • 5 Band High – Power Bi-directional Amplifier (BDA) with 700MHz – 2700MHz capability,
  • +48Vdc UPS to provide a 4 hour backup,
  • Built in HVAC, Fan, Air Filter and Battery Mat to maintain optimal operating temperatures year around,
  • Self-Contained, Stainless Steel, Lockable Cabinet for easy access and security,
  • LPDA Donor & Fill Antennae with 8 – 11dBi Gain
  • Power consumption of 900 Watts


On-Site Mobile Cell BoosterThe most cost effective package to increase your Cell Footprint on a temporary basis today

This fully integrated mobile solution utilizes the most current generation of Alltech Self-guyed, fully winterized, CSA mobile tower trailers, for rapid site deployment. Ideal for Rig Chasing and temporary accessibility needs that can serve multiple cellphone carriers where a cell signal is available. Private Labelling, and custom options such as WiFi, are available upon request. E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Both the tower trailer and the BDA require a reliable 120Vac prime power supply.