Now available the NEW Phoenix - LED82 Stadium Light
— Tier 4 Final with less than 28% (5.36 kg/hr) of the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions than CTI's previous industry leading Metal Halide solutions


  • Ultra Efficient - illuminates 235,000 Ft2 / 5.4 acres to (min). Enform 5 Lux
  • 82ft Operational Height x 4 Section Lattice Configuration (9ft Outriggers)
  • Proprietary 6-Ton x .3125” 7x19 GAC w/ Chain-hoist Guy Kit w/ Load Rated Ends as Integrated into Alltech Communications Self – Guy Rigging System (Patent #7,062,833 B1)
  • Fully CSA S37-13 Compliant w/ Bonded Grounds and CSA Field Inspection Number 
  • Fully TIA/EIA (ANSI) 222 Rev. G Compliant per International Tower Standards to a Minimum of 80mph x 3 second Wind Gusts (considers up to ½” radial ice over entire unit)
  • Material Test Reports for all Structural Steel
  • Two (2) 8000Lb Independent Super Axels w/ 15” ground clearance and it is readily towable w/ a 1 Ton Truck 
  • Galvanized Lattice Tower w/ Triple redundant, 3/8” Aircraft Cable Design on Extension System, manual emergency fall arrest (patent pending) and Redundant  Mechanical and Electrical safety lock-outs
  • Emergency Retraction Tool for Upset Conditions (by hand or ½” drill chuck)
  • Shindaiwa 11Kva Tier 4 IT Ultra Quiet Generator, (56 Dba) w/ Donaldson 1000hr Bypass Filter for increased Service Intervals in Harsh Environments - greater than 430 hrs runtime.
  • Artic Package including 'Pre-heat', Heat Trace, Convection Block Heater & Duel Fuel Pumps
  • Power Distribution Outputs -15000 watts spare (full light load is 4860 watts):
    • 2x 30A – 125/250VAC Hubbell Single Phase Twist
    • 6x 20A – 120VAC Single Phase Duplex
  • (Optional)  BEMAG 480V 3-Phase Step-up Transformer (Simultaneous Voltage)
  • 1000L DOT Approved Dual Wall Diesel Fuel Tank with onboard 62L backup  (manually switchable)
  • 110% Fluid Containment & “DROPS” Compliant
  • Positive Air Shutoff with timed reset
  • Unit dry weight is 11,200 pounds / 5,085 kg
  • CTI Winter Package that includes Sealed Genset Baffles & Convection Block Heater
  • (Optional) WiFi Booster / Repeater System (requires SIM Card) w/ Heated 120VAC cabinet / power supply


  • Patent Pending Mechanical Fall Arrest
  • Redundant Electrical and Mechanical (Permissives)