Service & Mechanical

Canada Towers offers Service and Mechanical service support through experienced technicians offering specialized parts, 65-point inspections, deployment training, and troubleshooting.


Canada Towers stocks a variety of specialized replacement and supplementary parts.  Options are not limited to:

  • Custom or Enhanced Guy Systems
  • Emergency Tower Retraction Tools
  • Wind Load Enhancement Kits
  • Safety Lockout Kits
  • Genuine Isuzu and Kubota Filters
  • LED or Metal Halide Lights
  • Custom Fabrication


Call our expert technicians for phone or field technical support, 1-403-730-4882


Canada Towers provides Canada's first and only Mobile Tower Deployment Training Course and is conducted by experienced technicians.  Training sessions are available on-site or in-house and provide technicians practical knowledge and experience through tower deployment, safety considerations, common troubleshooting, and supplementary manuals.


Canada Towers provides 65-point service inspections on mobile communication tower trailers and mobile stadium lighting tower trailers.  In order to best diagnose and repair each product, each service inspection includes an itemized detailed report suited to each customer.